Saint Aedan of Chison

b527, d569
Chendy abbey‘s patron saint, Aedan of Chison, was descended from one of hte most distinguished noble families of the Corani Empire. At 16 years of age, he joined the imperial army. When the Balshan Jihad broke out in 558, he was a cohort commander, befitting his family’s rank. Although he led his men in many successful battles, it was a hopeless struggle. After the fall of the city of Coranan to the followers of Balsha in 565, the success of the Jihad could no longer be prevented. Aedan retreated to the southern province of Aleathia with the remnants of his cohort.

Aedan was present when Chendy fell into the hands of the Tekhosians in 569. He had lost all but a few trusted retainers int he ongoing struggle, and then retreated to the abbey, weary of bloodshed. In spite of this, he organized and led the defense when the abbey was attacked and made his name a legend. Driven by his heroism, the defenders, most of them matakea, fought and slew many of their foes.

Although their courage did not prevent the abbey from falling, the few who did escape owed their lives to the hero of Chendy. The Tekhosians took only one prisoner, Aedan of Chison, but it cost them dearly in lives to take him alive. Aedan was tortured and died a long and agonizing death in one of the thirteen Degrees of Nyardath. Today, the holiest relic in the abbey is a battered and sword-scarred knight shield said to have been used by Saint Aedan in defense of the abbey.

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Saint Aedan of Chison

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