Saint Ambrathas Of Alamire

open.pngAn ancient warrior-priest of Larani, credited with being her greatest mortal champion.

Ambrathas came upon a maiden beset by a dozen brigands. He challenged them and was victorious. He and the maiden were then attacked seven more times, each time by more fearsome foes. Each time, Ambrathas was steadfast though sorely wounded. The maiden transformed into Larani and mapped out his future as her champion. After recovering from his wounds he was tasked with capturing a brooding dark fortress. For this task, Larani sent him the Knights of Tirith, valiant warriors all. They challenged the occupants and slew them though they were outnumbered five to one. The Knights of Tirith departed and Ambrathas remained to establish the Order of the Lady of Paladins. After twenty years, the Knights returned and stood with Ambrathas in a final battle where all were slain. Ambrathas is credited with being Larani’s greatest mortal champion. He is sometimes known as Saint Ambrathas the Chivalrous, the Patron Saint of Champions, and is also the Master of the Broadsword. [Larani 1]

His feast day is the 17th of Larane.

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Saint Ambrathas Of Alamire

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