Sample equipment packs


Typical equipment (standard)

This is what I think is a typical pack for an adventurer who travels (and doesn’t always stay in an Inn). There are footnotes, mostly because there are lots of options.

Item Price/unit
Backpack/Leather 24d
Bag/Canvas(1) 4d
Belt/Leather 10d
Blanket/Wool(2) 48d
Brush 3d
Candle(3) 3/4d
Comb 2d
Goblet/Pewter 3d
Lantern 12d
Medicine/Quessel/antibiotic 30d /dose
Medicine/Kargele/heal. 150d /dose
Oil/Lamp 12d / gallon
Plate/Pewter(3) 5d
Soap 1d/oz
Tinderbox 6d
Torch/Candlewood (4) 1d
Wineskin/1 gal 10d
  1. Bags or sacks – your choice. A bag is well made and sturdy and it is waterpoof. Sacks are just squares sewn together of whatever cloth (such as: buckram 1d, Linnen 1/2d, Worsted 5d).
  2. Blanket. Weather proof it for 1d more, get it canvas lined for 2d more. Any cloth can be made into a blanket; prices vary.
  3. Candles. They’re cheap and made from tallow, typically. A wax candle costs 1d ea. A beeswax candle costs 6d. All typical candles burn for 3 hours without draft.
  4. Plates come in pewter, tin, or wood. Your choice. Tin/wood is 2d.
  1. Torches. You can buy a bag & a sack (or piece of cloth) and keep two torches in a way that makes it easy to travel. More torches? More bags. If you don’t store them in bags you run the risk of having them leak. Do you want tar all over your belongings? Your horse? You? And no, the base price doesn’t include the bag and sack (which can be used – but either as a fire starter or just for torches).

Tack & harness

This is already in your equipment lists, but just to be clear.

Item Price/unit
Blanket/Saddle 24d
Bridle 12d
Comb/Horse 3d
Horseshoe 1d ea.
Saddle/Riding (1) 80d
Saddlebags/Leather 24d
  • Saddles – A war saddle (Saddle/War) is 240d. Typically you have a riding saddle on a palfry and a war saddle on a war horse.

Specialized equipment

  • Ink – sold in quarts, typically varies by color: black 3d, blue 4d, brown 5d. green 4d. red 6d. Metallic (1/10 the price of a pound of the metal).
  • Paper – sold by the page (scrolls). Bookbinding costs extra. Parchment is 1d/square foot, vellum is 2d.
  • Lockpicks – illegal to carry unless you have papers showing you’re a member of the locksmith’s guild. 12d
  • Locks – something to practice on/use when you travel. 4d +
  • Extra clothes – most people at least have a tunic or two, an extra set of leggings or breaks (pants). Maybe something more fancy or fine?
  • Cooking equipment – pots and pans, or just one frying pan; there’s also all manner of bowls, containers, cooking oil, kitchen knife, and of course – food & drink.
  • Jewelry – describe it and I’ll set a price to it. Typical settings are in pewter or silver.
  • Medicines – there are lots (herbal or concoctions). Tell me what you want it to do and I’ll set a price/dose to it.
  • Wondrous items – technically, these cannot be made for sale; but I can either set you on a quest to find it (or to have it made for you).
  • Better items – higher quality items cost more. Want better than bog-standard, let me know.
  • Make it yourself – if you have the skill (fletching for bows and arrows, weapon-crafting for weapons, armor-crafting for armor, locksmith for locks, cooking for various foods or alcohol…) you can try to make it yourself from raw ingredients. It will reduce the price to acquire, but it may also reduce the quality.

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Sample equipment packs

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