King of the Icy Wind, Lord of the Perilous Quest, Wielder of the Blooded Axe, Master of Frosty Climes, the Gray Slayer.

Sarajin is the god of battle lust. He favours those who love the sport of war and takes great pleasure in watching and even participating in large battles. The only virtue universally admired among Sarajinians is courage. The noblest achievement of a Sarajinian is to die in heroic battle; most try to live each day as if it were their last. Some value the Ljarl, a code of honor, but treachery is not unknown.

Sarajin is mostly worshipped by the Ivinians and Orbaaleese. Most popular among sailors of the north, his followers range from the lawful to the chaotic; but all follow the Ljarl (which does not match up to Laranian or Agrikan code of honor).

Trust a Sarajinian to keep his word, for it is his only bond.
Break trust with a Sarajinian and be swept from this earth by a storm of waves and wind.

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