Save K'nor


Sage of the Gods; Lord of Jesters, Puzzles, and Mazes; Mixer of Potions and Elixirs; Keeper of the Var-Hyvrak; The Lost Guide.

Save-K’nor is an intellectual snob who will not accept worshipers of less than high intelligence. He has a voracious appetite for knowledge and will go to great lengths to obtain mysterious scrolls and books; his adherents make frequent gifts of such esoterica. Save-K’nor most often appears to mortals as an aged sage, a beggar in rags, a minstrel, bard, skald, or jester. The religion is intellectually demanding and there are few adherents. Save-K’nor has several symbols, the most common being a blank scroll, a book portrayed so that the script is illegible, a quill and ink pot, and Uhla, the black lantern.

Although its influence is subtle and discreet, the Church wields considerable political power. Clerics and laymen of the religion are found in high offices throughout Harn, particularly in Melderyn. Generally, each temple is left to itself and is little more than a hostel for clerics. Three main clerical orders exist, in order of size: Hyn-Aelori, Rydequelyn, and Shea-al-Aecor. All three orders favor gray as their formal attire. High-ranking members of the Church (usually of the Shea-al-Aecor) bear emblems of office, most commonly a staff or lantern. The pontiff is traditionally the Grandmaster of the Shea-al-Aecor. The pontifical seat is the city of Berema in Emelrene.

Titles in the Save-K’norrian church

Rion Ishar Pontiff
Deor Ishar Primate
Ibarti High Deacon
Rowanti Loremaster
Haliki Priest/Priestess
Manidar Acolyte

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Save K'nor

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