Setara of Setha Heath

In the early days of the Theocracy when the populace was fleeing between warlords, a small family lost its way and drew the wrong type of attention along a lonely strip of road. The youngest daughter of the family led the Morgathians away from her pregnant mother and injured father; in the process she was caught, raped and killed in the most violent of fashion. Larani, so impressed with the girl’s strength and sacrifice, raised up the child so that, despite her horrendous wounds, she was able to see her parents to safely before finally succoming. Her name was Setara.

The church of Larani recognized her suffering and dubbed her the saint of defence, and embodiment of feudal honour in the small folk. She is recognized in small road-side shrines throughout Dureve Hundred, and in large temples in Perishire. A few pilgrims a year come to her burial place in Gebasath seeking miracles.

She is depicted as a brown haired, blue eyed girl in a straight, white shift. She is barefoot and her right hand is held out facing the viewer, while her left is upturned as she looks to heaven.

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Setara of Setha Heath

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