Master of the Lords of Dream, Lord of the Thrice-Blessed Realm, King of the Uttermost West, Spirit of the Sundered Ones, Bringer of Blessed Forgetfulness, Lord of the Azure Bowl.

Siem is a benign god of mystery and shadow, magic and dreams, a wielder of esoteric powers and a knower of secrets. At one time, Siem was foremost of the gods of Hârn, said to have been lord of the Sindarin in residence on Hârn. Before the coming of men, Siem laid down his scepter and quit Hârn in favour of the Blessed Realm.

Siem’s priesthood is minute. Known as Inthiars, they are wielders of illusion and keepers of ancient secrets. Not even the names of the various orders that worship Siem are known. They are fond of symbolism and magic and attach much significance to the stars and twilight. They build no temples, preferring to worship under the stars in sacred forest glades.

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