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The elves of Hârn physically resemble humans but tend to be slim, slightly shorter, graceful, and fair of face. Most humans believe them to be immortal.

A Sindarin may sit or stand for days on end, with no perceptible movement, contemplating a personal view of Kelestia. Sindarin do not sleep, experiencing instead a half-conscious blend of dreaming and wakefulness, as if in hallucinatory drug trance. The Sindarin also experience deja vu, probably due to their longevity. They are also possessed of powerful auras (psionic force) and tend, therefore, to be sensitive to enchantment.

The Sindarin are able to interbreed with humankind and such matches have become more common, a possible cause of the decline from their past glory. The offspring of such combinations will have many of the traits of both races, but lack the Sindarin’s longevity.

The Sindarin dwell almost exclusively within the Shava Forest in the Kingdom of Evael, ruled by King Aranath, a Sindarin of great age, wisdom, and power. They are hunter-gatherers of such skill that they never seem to starve or suffer a lack of leisure time for the pursuit of their unique poetry, music, and other arts.

In comparison with other cultures, that of the Sindarin lacks structure. There are no unfree persons, slaves, or serfs. There is only an enlightened nobility, who are served out of love, respect, and tradition, rather than out of fear, obligation, or legal compulsion. Guilds do not exist. A Sindarin is free to try his hand at any craft and will likely have skill in several. Most have acquired some skill at arms and there are unrivaled warriors among them.

The Kingdom of Evael takes little interest in the politics and cultures of other Hârnians, who seem transient in Sindarin terms. They expect the same consideration in return. A few Sindarin will enter into human society for a few decades or centuries in their youth. If they are recognized for what they are, they are often treated with suspicion and jealousy. Wandering Sindarin, whether as individuals or in small bands, may also be found (if they wish to be found) exploring the wild lands of Hârn.

The Sindarin and the Khuzdul do not generally like or associate with each other. During the Codominium, they dwelt harmoniously until later events, notably the Atani Wars and the Carnage of Kiraz, brought about the current enmity between them.


Taken from (with some omissions) the HarnDex.


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