Map reference: X1 Kingdom type: Monarchy
Households: 20,955 Acrage: 746,090 Average Land Quality: 1.03
Ruling bodies: Thardic Senate
Religious status: Accepted Agrik, Halea, Larani, Morgath, Naveh, Peoni, Sarajin, Save-K’nor, Siem

A region in western Hârn named for the Thard River, which bisects the country. Tharda (also called the Thardic Republic) is the most densely populated area on Harn.

A plutocratic state, misgoverned by a republican senate from the city of Coranan. The republic was founded in 674, having evolved from the Thardic League. Although not a feudal state, the Thardic Senate is controlled by 66 wealthy patrician families who own 90 percent of the land. The capital city of Coranan is Harn’s largest city. There is one other walled city, Shiran, and several large towns.

Each of the Thardic provinces has its own legion under the command of a marshal, made up of a varying number of cohorts and companies that are assigned at the discretion of the senate. The legions are responsible for maintaining order within the provinces and for defense against foreign aggression. All Thardic keeps and castles are garrisoned by legion units. It is treason (a capital offense) for any marshal to lead his army outside his province without senate approval.

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