The state of affairs in 720

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Some Kandian lords are troubled by the power of the king’s father, the Earl of Sarkum. His influence over Andasin IV is considerable, and although his judgement is not in question, there is some jealousy, particularly by those who view him as an upstart. Ranald Milaka was the King of Gemala before the capture of Sarkum by the Rethemi during Ezar’s War. His marriage to Mirelael and swearing of fealty to Andasin III are the origin of his present title. In 717, the earl’s daughter, Andasin IV’s sister, was married to Jevas Toron, the son of the king of Melderyn.

For the last seven years the Baron of Ohetis (the disgraced former Earl of Kuseme) has been a loyal vassal, although there is no doubt he harbors resentment towards his liege. While it is unlikely that he would act against Andasin, he would no doubt prefer Prince Anaflas as king. This opinion is shared by several others, as Anaflas is widely seen as more pragmatic and energetic than his elder brother. Many believe that he would be the leader of preference should war break out. Although the brothers are not fond of each other, there is no open hostility, and since 718 Anaflas has been the Sheriff of Peris, holding Imiden keep for the king.

Andasin IV is unmarried, and there is some pressure on him to provide an heir. There are negotiations underway to arrange a marriage between the king and the daughter ofEarl Cassean of Heroth. Andasin is privately reluctant; Dorthea Cassean is as well known for her shrewish temper as for her beauty. Presently, the heir to the throne is Anaflas, who has also been named heir to the Earldom of Sarkum.

Relations between Kanday and her neighbors are tense, but they are peaceful.

Although there has been frequent skirmishing across the Rethem-Kanday border between the rival orders of the Copper Hook and the Checkered Shield since the end of Ezar’s War, neither monarch officially recognizes the conflict nor supports the combatants. Both claim it is a religious dispute, although should either order make substantive gains it is likely that the secular governments would become involved. The Rethemi Earl of Tormau, who detests Chafin III, has been covertly giving aid to both orders to keep the conflict simmering. He has also approached Anaflas, through intermediaries, to explore alternatives should war break out between Kanday and Rethem.

Andasin IV fears the martial skills and expansionist designs of Marshal Kronas of the Thardic Republic. The problem is made greater by the erratic (from Andasin’s point of view) policies of the Thardic Senate. Andasin fears that the pro-Kronas and Imperial factions will gain dominance. His greatest worry is an alliance of his northern neighbors against him.

Kanday and Tharda are also at odds over the range of the Gozyda tribesmen. Andasin I swore an oath that his kingdom .would always defend the Gozyda. The republic claims most of the Gozyda lands and occasionally capture them as slaves.


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The state of affairs in 720

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