The Timivan is a 64’ Dak.


Home Port Aleath
Owner (Distant) Laranian Church / City of Aleath
Crew 28 men (4 officers, 20 seamen, 4 soldiers)
Passengers 0


The Timivan is a costal trader out of Aleath to Golotha. It typically travels from Aleath to Golotha and stops at all points in- between. It docks at Selvos about twice a year.

Originally constructed in Aleath in 706 TR as the Navidas, it has been re-hulled and re-rigged in 716 at the shipyard of Tirpal of Nirath. This is one of the busiest shipyards in all of Harn. The rework of this ship cost a fair penny, and it found no buyer. Now the city’s Mercantyler guild runs it in conjunction with the church of Larani; each receiving a 1/3 share of the captain’s profits.


The crew of the Timivan comes predominantly from various port-towns of Kanday.



  • 10 able-bodied seamen (Gober, Durastra, Buldanë, Bathan, Embra, Ulsain, Mabin, Marin, Harald, and Stewyn)
  • 8 ordinary seamen (Alian, Lanasoa, Durron, Zuliran, Kobaras, Ranal, Ketta, and Obrel)
  • 1 cook (ordinary seamen)
  • 1 chippy (Yebain)
  • 1 merchant (Endin)
  • 3 soldiers (ordinary seamen)

Typical cargo

The Timivan tends to carry wool from Selvos, rough metals, cider, hides and harvest yeilds from upriver by way of Golotha and out of Aleath. There is always something coming and going and while they are not above carrying luxury goods; such things are relatively rare.

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