A shire in the Kingdom of Kanday; shire moots are held at Torthan. Located along the western coast of the Gulf of Ederwyn, it reaches from the Tenu Heath to the west, Remis mountain and Caryne river in the north and Mercia Bay in the south. The three hundreds of the shire hug the coast. The borders of the shire loosely follow the edges of the Ternu heath; with most of the population living along the heath’s edge.

Hundreds Hundred Moot Market Held by1
Alatar Alatar Torthan Korri (Overyn, Biscor, Kithel), Minilaous (Artobi, Irelis, Noressa)
Chakre Iteyn Cuton Korri (Knop), Cuton (Cuton, Arlena, Hatryn, Melmos, Okela, Zinor), Minilaous (Jelesa, Flarune)
Mezant Mezanda Minilaous Minilaous (Minilaous, Aymal, Elanas, Haudal, Jeleg, Nidir, Sulbary)

1 Lands held by feudal lords do not respect shire or even hundred boundaries. The major holding is followed by the particular manor in the shire (in brackets).

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