Map reference: [D7]
Realm: Kanday Holder: Content Not Found: sir-klyrel-porisand
Population: 84 Liege: King of Kanday
Held by: Sir Grolis Chahryn Acres: 1930
LQ 0.89 Households 30
Shire: Perishire Hundred: Durive Hundred

A pleasant manor, on the edge of the moor, Sir Klyrel derives considerable revenue from the nearby limestone quarry. Although unable to levy taxes, Trilby is the nearest village to the site and supplies food and drink to the masons at a healthy profit. The village also has a small alehouse, which is popular with men who wish to get away from their shacks for an evening. Sir Klyrel is a jolly man and often invites the master quarryman to dine with him.

When the mason’s guild reopened the quarry after the war, Sir Klyrel appealed to the Earl because of the damage the miner’s wagons were doing to the small track that ran through his village. The Earl ruled that the Miner’s Guild must pay 1d per wagon in damages but in return the road must be maintained in good repair.

A deal was worked out between the Earl’s bailiff at Paldur and the lords of Trilby and Sheveth. The Miner’s Guild provides a heavy stone roller and all the stone chippings required. Sir Klyrel provides a yoke of four oxen. Sir Deni provides a wagon and two horses to carry the chippings. The Earl’s bailiff provides men to do the work. Once a week, men from Paldur collect the wagon and roller and travel the road, filling the ruts and holes with stone chips and rolling them flat with the roller. The 1d toll is collected by Sir Klyrel once a week and divided among the three lords once a year.

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