Tuzyn Reckoning


The calender now used throughout Hârn takes the foundation of the Kingdom of Melderyn as its Year 1. Tuzyn Reckoning was devised in 130 by Tuzyn of Melderyn, a court astronomer in the reign of Erebir III, but was backdated to the founding of the kingdom. Throughout the last six centuries, this calender has gradually been adopted by all Hârnic states, replacing a multitude of calenders, most too inaccurate to be useful. The Sindarin and the Khuzdul, however, still retain their own calenders. Most uncivilized tribes use some form of sun/moon reckoning. Dates given in Tuzyn Reckoning may be preceded or followed by the symbol TR. Historians have come to use BT (Before Tuzyn) to identify years before the foundation of Melderyn.

See Calendar.

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Tuzyn Reckoning

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