Why does Agrik hate Larani

In the days before the beginning, the First gods ruled.
And from the well of power, the new gods drank.
Agrik and Larani took a cup between them and did drink from opposite sides.

Agriks power flows from the strength and might of the brutal warrior. In him burns the fire of war and the destruction that follows it.
Larani’s power flows from the heart and mind of the warrior-statesman. Through her flows the organization and tactics that guides warriors to victory.

In their creation story it is Larani’s blade that creates the 8 Agrikan demons that are now represented by 8 casts of clerics and knights (this is known as the Duel of Khamar). Larani’s religion has no such division; as her servitors are primarily The Knights of Tirth or the Knights of Dolithor (literally the knights of Heaven), with a few exceptions ( Mendiz, and Valamin to name two). There are no “angels” or winged knights in this mythology (although the Knights of Tirth are said to travel on Winged steeds). Nor are there any horned demons (although Agrik’s lesser servants are creatures of fire).

Larani’s preachings claim Agriks desire to slay their godess comes from his creed – might makes right. With Larani’s continued presence on the planes of Dolithor, Agrik cannot claim to be superior. Her mere existence (guarding the gates to Vallon – the Peonian heaven) stops Agrik from taking over all of two heavens.

Agrik’s preachings differ on this matter. They claim his duel was properly demanded but Larani rebuffed it. She refused until his ire was so great that he had no choice but to waylay her in ambush. Honour means nothing if it is spurned by your opponent; so in the eyes of his priests he did nothing wrong. He does not hate Larani, rather she and her forces are something that must be conquered for him to rule supreme. The Agrikan faith does not deal well with exceptions to its rules. If Agrik is indeed the most powerful, and might makes right – then he should be in complete control of the plains of Dolithor and the fields of Vallon (which lie beyond).

Agrik’s teachings explain that this will happen in the fullness of time.
Larani’s teachings explain that Agrik’s demise will happen in the fullness of time.

Peoni’s teachings (a faith characterized as eternally peace-seeking) rationalizes that one cannot exist without the other, and should one kill the other it would by necessity change both religions radically.

So, the short answer is no, Agrik does not hate Larani. She is merely a bump in the road.
And on the other side Larani does not hate Agrik. He is merely an opponent without honor. Someone to be stopped at every opportunity.

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Why does Agrik hate Larani

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