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Map reference: [E8]
Realm: Kanday Holder: Sir Mordan Grallin
Population: 26 From: King of Kanday
Acres 1740 LQ 0.87
Hundred: Dureve Hundred Shire: Perishire

Sir Mordan is calm, even introspective man. The son of one of the Earl’s loyal knights, his family was granted this manor in 697, though they have had more difficulty then some in repairing and improving the manor’s defenses since Sir Mordan’s father did not amass much loot or ransom during the war. Instead, they have adopted a slow methodical approach, making a few repairs or improvements each year as they can afford it. Although not wealthy, they have no debts.

The small village is clustered together in a natural rise of the land, surrounded by plains and scrub. The farmers are allowed to carry weapons with them into the field; as they are regularly accosted by bandits and Agrkian raiders. They have a small fleet of sheep and goats which is their primary source of income; the fields providing a close second.

The village consists of older houses, well patched with skill and care – but showing the signs of their age.


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