Worship of God

open.pngThis holy text is often copied into smaller books, or as a whole by the priests and monks of Larani. It is a collection of parables, sermons, and stories from the church in Harn.

Versions of this book are often illustrated but never adorned.

The original Holy Books of Larani breaks into 9 chapters, each of which is self-contained:

  • Book of the Final Battle Dating from the 4th century, it is a sermon about the battle between Larani and Agrik; many accept this as a story that details the end of the world.
  • Book of the Winged God. A series of parables and poems that can be taken to mean that Larani has giant bird’s wings or, possibly it describes the first god that granted Larani her significant powers.
  • Knights of Tirith I, II, III, IV Stories of the great battles, heroic deeds, and songs of victories of the Knights of Tirth.
  • Letters of Ambrathas. Letters by Ambrathas to the faithful, answering basic questions about the early version of the faith.
  • Life of Ambrathas. A biography of the greatest of Laranian saints by his closest follower.
  • On the Instruction of Boys: mid 7th century TR This text is a short manual which explains how to teach boys [children] faith and good morals. While it has some applicability to children of all backgrounds, it is intended primarily for those of a middle class or noble heritage. There is a definite bias towards Laranism. The treatise includes chapters on: what ought to be taught; teaching through discipline, by example, and by word; teaching by the parents; the teaching of faith and morals; the teaching of honor; the teaching of knowledge; and the text ends with two sermons to boys.
  • Songs of the Paladins. Teachings about chivalry and how the powers of the priests are available to the soldiers of Larani.
  • Valamin. Stories of the strange young man in Larani’s household.
  • Vision of Dolithor. Visions of heaven written by the faithful.


A complete study of this book allows a qualified individual to improve Ritual:Larani/1 per chapter. This can take weeks of quiet study and contemplation.

Typically only large temples contain the entire Holy Books of Larani, although there are bits of the more popular stories, poems and cermons carried by mendicant priests to distant outposts of the faith.

Skill Original Per chapter
Ritual/Larani 60/4 60/1
Lore/Larani 90/9 60/1


Medium: Parchment/Leather
Language/Script: Emela/Khruni
Year: Varies/Uncertain
Copy Quality: Fine
Availability: Rare
Location: Any large temple

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Worship of God

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