A Penny For Your Thoughts

Kanday, 723TR.

Rethem is no longer what it once was. Where there was one country, barely held together by a power-mad king, there are now three countries and a free city. Kanday has more land and an ally in the westernmost Rethem. But that alliance brings great changes to the politics that Kanday has known for 23 years. What’s more, with the turmoil of so many people upended and changed along the turbulent borders, an ancient evil has come to the light. Thirteen cursed coins, scattered over the land, each with their own influence and intent. The party is determined to collect them and see them destroyed, or at least made safer somehow.

They came from the town of Selvos, they are the agents of the Crown Prince Anaflas. They go where they are sent, and solve the problems they find to the best of their ability.

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Signs and portents

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