The Long Road

There and back again, 724 TR

After a great quest comes a great price. With the 13 coins collected, at last, the party must learn how best to deal with the evils they have collected. Each coin has the potential to corrupt its holder and brings further corruption to any who truck with them. There is no easy cure. The coins, once buried, had come back into the hands of men and the party – through a series of trials was able to collect them before they could do further harm.

Now the party has a chance to see the coins destroyed — but first, they must be blessed. And only great penitence could do that. The greatest penitence is to not just walk the Pilgrim’s path, but to perform works of great piety at each site. The Pilgrim’s path is a long and winding road that stretches between stelae, holy sites, and notable places everywhere the Laranian and the Peonian faiths have been. It is the traditional path taken to reclaim lost personal honor for Laranians, to purify the warrior for a great spiritual battle, and for the Peonians to show their ability to abide and obey.

They came from the town of Selvos, they are the agents of the Crown Prince Anaflas. They go where they are sent, and solve the problems they find to the best of their ability.

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Signs and portents

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