Andrain of Chahryn

Pilot of the Fitacore, White Ship out of Melderyn


A handsome young man, always dressed in the finest fashion.


Captian Kairena of Thelya spoke well of him. A strong man who kept mostly to himself. He was known for making his own deals and often spent time ashore outside the company of the captain or the crew. At the harbourmaster’s dinner (the night before Andrain disappeared) he went with his captain and offered to trade pages with Kerlael (Pilot of the Bera). She assumed this was innuendo, but from other pilots the party learned that Andrain had a habit of trading maps and pages from his pilot’s almanac with other pilots. He was rarely successful.

His body was found in the Safe Harbour Inn, after a bar brawl on 9 Nuzayel, 721. Suspiciously, the body had signs of having been dunked in the harbour but not drowned. Upon examining the body, P’varist Elycia of Chandar doubted he died of drink.

His spirt was absent, and when his dead body was beheaded (to stop it from rising up) an evil darkness spilled forth. It was cast away by the Serolan’s blood. The body was burned in Selvos to assure that it would never rise. It had been corrupted by Morgathian forces.

Masen, a day-laborer, was accused of the murder. He admits to knowing who committed the murder, and while his other crimes are enough to convict him (being an unrepentant Morgathian, poisoning 8 men, and starting a riot); he will not name the murderer. Not even to protect his immortal soul.

723 – while the party is certain he is dead, Andrain is listed as the pilot on the Triberties, a boat owned and run byMaster Merchant Damaen of HilomeContent


The Gentleman thief, by thegryph on Deviant Art. © October 28, 2009. Modified and cropped using CharacterTool.