Daerga of Ekimon

Travelling merchant, specializing in Jewlery



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A smug, self-satisfied and grasping man, Daerga, aged 26, is none the less a successful mercantyler. He travels constantly, concentrating on the border areas between Rethem, Kanday and Tharda. He has found that while the danger is high, the profits to be made are equally high. His specialty is jewelery. He buys it in the larger cities and sells it to the wives of rich nobles and guildsmen. Because he carries such a large store of valuable jewels, he has hired a bodyguard, Braen of Golotha. When they travel, he hires mules and additional servants to carry his belongings and merchandise. He will also hire an extra guard or two for added security.

Daerga of Ekimon

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