Emma of Bristol

Daughter of a wine merchant


Born in 698, somewhere south of Aleath, Emma was adopted by a wine merchant and his wife. They moved to Dunir, and raised the girl as their own. When her mother passed in 704TR from feaver, Emma took over more of her father’s business; managing the books and the schedule, as her mother had done before her. Emma never spoke much of her mother, but the loss was significant, changing Emma into the more somber woman she is now. Emma is strong-willed and intent on being a master merchant herself. Unfortunately, the guild has not accepted her and at the ripe age of 23 – she is several years over-due for her journeymanship.

Emma believes the guild wants to see her married first, but in truth it is her father that has asked she stay with him. He is seeking an exception from the guild (and has not yet achieved one) to be Emma’s master during her journeymanship.

Emma took the death of her father in stride and returned to Dunir to continue working on her father’s estate. Whether the guild will allow her to continue to be a master merchant is something she needs to work out. Roger, her father’s laborer, was intending to follow her home, but ended up travelling a few months later. Roger was in love with Emma, but thanks to some helpful intervention, now understands that such a relationship was never to be.

When Master Thomas was killed in a political intrigue, it brought Emma right into the plot. She managed to keep the message safe and see it delivered to trustworthy folk, thus washing her hands of it. She intends to stick to selling wine and ignore all such political mechanisations in the future. The fact that Sir Tristant Lazcaver of Vima made her realize she could still love (after just loosing her father) in a ploy to get the message she carried, has only succeeded in renewing her vow to be strong and independent.


Image taken from Touch on the Shoulder by dashinvaine.
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Emma of Bristol

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