Florentina (Nina)



A young woman with light brown hair, worn long and often plaited. She has blue eyes and a penchant for hard work.



My name is Florentina, but everybody calls me Nina and that’s how I introduce myself. My father gave me the family name of Break. I always thought it was a private joke/revenge and some sort of glass-makers reference. Then again dad owed a lot of money by the end of his life…

Because he was a glassblower, dad taught me to move on to the next step after the good and the bad strikes. No use in crying over a masterpiece in shards, you take the broom and start over. That’s also what helped me move beyond his death, I needed to be practical and so I found food and ate. That’s mostly what I stole, food. My devotion to Halea is due to the fact that I saw pilfering her offerings as a sharing of the food with her. Never did I take the best piece and I only went in true desperation. When I had extra food, I always gave back. That’s probably how I met my foster mother, she noted what I did and realised quickly the why…

The training offered by the Laranian temple is a great opportunity for my I enjoy the kitchen work and the library. I will automatically cook when I am stressed in order to think about the next step I need to make. I also started a minor competitions in the kitchen (master chef mode) and was able to garner a little pocket money that way. Because I have lived on next to nothing, money is nice, I keep what I need for the next few days, but little more. I usually hand it over to mother who distributes it around for all I know, and that’s what makes me happy.

The library was a fantastic way to escape. To the librarian’s dismay, I can clean and organize, but too often I’m caught reading the books instead of dusting and sorting. I think he let me get away with it more often than not as I do bring him the right tea and biscuits for his day, hence the development of herblore and further cooking.

If you can compare my character to Radar, it’s only within the realm of cooking, I figure out what people like and what would cheer them up, their comfort food and I can usually make it. In the streets, I realized that cook shops which serve public stews sometimes need help and I did come across some rather unsavory habits there. Because they were linked with food, which at the time was a precious commodity for me, I was rather repulsed by dealings of drugs and killing contracts. Stick with me if you want to know what to eat when wandering the streets. I will gladly share that knowledge with kids on the streets. I have brought a few of those home to my mother as well, hence the numerous numbers of children to an unmarried Larani Knight.

I’m the third of 8 kids, I think the oldest is her daughter and the other is a family related fosterling, the other 5 behind me are younger fosterlings, 2 of whom are my contribution.

Florentina (Nina)

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