Garal of Elet

Captain of the Sheesha


Standing 5’6" with a scant frame and average appearance. He has blond hair that he dyes black, hazel eyes and a medium complexion.


Garal of Elet is currently the captain of the Sheesha.
Born the eldest of 4, only two are still alive in Cherafir (Melderyn). His parents died in a mine collapse when he was only 14. His oldest brother used what money he had saved up to see Garal into the seaman’s guild. He served aboard several ships plying trade between Melderyn, and ports east for 10 years. When he was 24, he began plying his trade in ports west of Melderyn.

He was born to the Peoni religion, and is a peaceful man by nature. But due to his trade with Rethem, he has learned to hide his religion. He has many friends in the ports he currently visits. He is the first one to visit the Harbourmaster and often brings something more than the tradition of presenting a gift would require. He is innately honest, something rare in a Rethemi tradesmen — which might explain why so many Rethemi trust him.

The Sheesha has its own strange history, one which Garal seems to know far more about than he ever tells.


Lord Durnan by RalphHorsley on DeviantArt.
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Garal of Elet

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