Sir Kjarri of Setara

Knight of the Order of the Checkered Shield


A fair-skinned man of the middle height (5’10") and heavy build. He is as strong as he is broad, as well as pleasing to the eye (comeliness 12). He has red hair, typically shorn to best fit beneath a helm, and blue eyes. The church has yet to comment on his self-professed tea-addiction, but if that is his only failing, then he is the model of a Laranian knight.


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Kjarri was born under difficult conditions: in a ship at sea, while his mother was under lock and key. Why was she imprisoned? Why was she being carried away from her Viking homeland? He never got the chance to find out. Luckily there was a healer and herbalist on board, Aandin of Elast, a woman of Aenerin blood, who managed to make sure the boy was born safely. To her chagrin, she could not save the mother. Since she could not in good conscience leave him with the crew, she decided to adopt him and raise him as her own.

Aandin of Elast was a traveling healer, quite talented and well-to-do by the standards of the Sindarin culture. While still a child, Kjarri learned to read on her herbalism books, grew dexterous helping her thread bandages, grew tougher walking the roads and searching under bushes for medicinal herbs or fungi. When he was seven, they settled in Selvos where she began to work more closely with the Guild of the Arcane Lore, with Kjarri often by her side. He was such a fixture that the mages of Selvos agreed to watch over the boy while she roamed the perilous countryside searching for particular medicines.

At 12 years old, he followed the Selvos tradition of going to a seer to receive a prophecy. To Aandin’s and Kjarri’s surprise, a Laranian knight by the name of Sir Arjun Chahryn stepped forward to give the boy his prophecy. Following the rather puzzling result, Sir Arjun stated that Kjarri was most likely chosen by the Gods, and invited him to visit the temple the next day.

There, Kjarri and Aandin were given the tour of the scriptorium, the barracks and training grounds. He was impressed by the studious priests and monks in the library – the boy had not lost his love of learning and books – but he was even more impressed by the sight of the training knights and apprentices. With his mother’s permission, he started training at the temple soon after.

Kjarri was already a tall boy, and the simple but hearty fare of the temple, along with the hard physical labor soon put a good amount of muscle on his frame. He grew into a burly but surprisingly quick young man, who always spent his spare hours perusing books in the library after he was done with his chores and training. He was quiet, not especially outgoing but not unfriendly, developing a quiet but deep devotion to Larani.

When it came time to choose a family name, he chose Setara, from his first adventure in returning the saint’s bones to Selvos.

720 – Sir Kjarri became a knight of Larani and took the family name of Setara after Saint Setara of Setha Heath, whose bones he helped move to the Selvos Reliquary.
722 – At winter court Sir Kjarri of Setara became part of the Prince’s Voice, a group of representatives bearing the Prince’s seal (a ring bearing the Milaka crest’s colors (red and black). He also accepted a squire into his service.
723 – At summer court Sir Kjarri of Setara is instrumental in stopping a coup against King Anasin IV In return he is granted a house in Selvos as well as a warhorse or two palfreys of his own (his choice).

Sir Kjarri of Setara

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