Kres of Dasyin

Captain of the Timivan


Captain Kres Of Dasyin dresses in moderate colours; grays and browns, but the clothes themselves are of quality with embroidered edges and fine detail on high-quality materials. His only jewlery is his captain’s ring.


Born 691, 3rd of Peonu (Ulandus-Lado cusp) as the son of parent/parents that were employed as weaponcrafters in Aleath. He was the 3rd of 8 children, and thus always expected to make his own way. He succeeded in convincing most strangers that he is a man of station; hiding his common background.

He does not visit family often, and respects authority more than most Haleans are wont to do.


Image by Princeps Senatus on Deviant Art.
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Kres of Dasyin

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