Day labourer, unrepentant Morgathian, Deceased


Standing 5’9", with a medium frame and an average appearance, he has grey eyes, brown hair and a dark complexion.


Born on the 19th of Larane (Angberelius) in 699TR, to a large family of seven. His parents were farmers in the town of Heru. At a young age he believed he could do great magics. Despite his greatest attempts, he could find no master.

He took to traveling, believing he was better than farming. Without a trade, however, he could only take odd jobs. He went from town to city to port where he finally found regular work as a day-labourer and longshoremen. In 719TR he came to Selvos.

In 721 he admitted to placing the dead body of Andrain of Chahryn in the Inn, and of being an unrepentant Morgathian. For this he was killed.


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