Maketa Seenaë Dyren

Priest of the Order of Hyvrik


Seenaë never knew her mother. Her mother died when she was born, succumbing as much to the trials of labour as to the chill of the sewer in which they found themselves. Seenaë never knew why they were there; since her mother Lenia was a knight of Larani, she should have had a place in the temple. But her father Boras didn’t like to talk about that time. The only mention of her mother he would make would be to say “she was kind, and pretty, and very much wanted you to have a good life.”

Seenaë’s earliest memory is of the travelling caravan she, her older half-brother Korol and her father called home. They journeyed ever Westwards, stopping in villages and towns along the way to perform. After a wile, Seenaë began to sing for a few coin. Her voice was fair, and her youth brought an extra farthing or two to the little family.

After a few years, the travelling players found themselves in the seaside town of Selvos in Kanday. Having tired of the travelling life, Boras settled Korol and Seenaë in a small flat in the poorer district, and found himself a job on the docks.

Seenaë lived a simple life in Selvos – daily chores did not get in the way of play, and she often tagged after Korol as he ran with the other urchins, haunting the docks and byways of the slums. She would often see the Knights of Larani in the streets of the town. Sometimes, the knights would come over and talk to the young girl. The asked her many questions, but the strangest they asked her was “what colour is that person?” She didn’t understand, but after a couple of years, she was able to answer beyond the standard brown or beige. She began to say they were red, or yellow, or blue…… Seenaë was able to discern their sun sign by just looking at them, especially those born in the month of Larane, her own birth-month.

The years passed happily and relatively uneventfully for the young girl. Finally, her Name-Day arrived – the celebration of her 12th birthday. Her family and a few close friends were in the local tavern to celebrate, along with other families who shared the same name-day. Her father presented her with a lovely pendant, depicting intricately wrought eagle’s wings. The seers came in, to perform the blood and clouds. A seer began to approach their table, but was intercepted by one of the knights of Larani, one who had asked Seenaë questions over the years. Looking at the young girl, he ask “May I perform the task of the seer?” Slightly stunned, she could only mumble “yes, please…..” Smiling, the knight removed his gauntlet, and showed his empty palm. Making a fist, he turned in over and held it above her glass of goat’s milk. Through the glass panels, Seenaë could see the liquid change – becoming red on the top and white on the bottom. Over her family’s chants of “Drink! Drink!”, the knight says asks to speak with her. Once the drink is consumed, she follows the knight over to the bar, where he buys her a drink and excuses himself for a moment. Soon, he returns with another young man, introducing him to Seenaë. “I believe,” says the knight “you should get to know each other.”

720 – Meketa Seenae became a priest of Larani at the Selvos Temple.
721 – At winter court Meketa Seenae became part of the Prince’s Voice, a group of representatives bearing the Prince’s seal (a ring bearing the Milaka crest’s colors (black and red).
722 – At summer court Meketa Seenae is instrumental in stopping a coup against Andasin IV, King Of Kanday. In return he is granted a house in Selvos as well as a warhorse or two palfreys of her own (her choice). The horses are named Valour & Mercy


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Maketa Seenaë Dyren

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