Sir Andus of Dictur

Reblana of Erinath


Standing 5’9" tall with a medium frame and average appearanc, he has brown hair, cropped short and a rough beard. His eyes are hazel.


Born on the 7th of Azura in 690, he was the son of a knight-bachelor and his lady love in the town of Sirendel. When the invasion was in its earliest planning stage, Sir Andus volunteered, as did his two younger brothers. Unfortunately, he was the only one of the three to survive. With nothing to inherit back home, he accepted a manor in return for services rendered to the Earl of Selvos.

Sir Andus was well liked by his men and fellow knights during the invasion; many forgetting he was a knight of Larani and not a knight of the Crown. Most of the merchants and a few of the farmers in Erinath have close relations with Sir Andus, and many keep hoping the aging knight will find a second wife. His first wife died in childbirth with their only child, a daughter.

Sir Andus is a tactern and disciplined knight, living his life by the dictates of his religion. He takes his duties very seriously, even though he came to the brotherhood late in life. He gauges the people around them by the power of their heart.

Sir Andus of Dictur

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