Sir Aprylael

Laranian knight


Standing just 5’5" with a scant frame and average appearance. He has black hair, grey eyes and a medium complexion.


Born in Selvos, on 700, 1st of Savor (Tarael), he is an unacknowledged bastard of Parga of Ponvele (the town’s mercantyler 14). He was raised by the Peonian church until the age of 14, when he was granted a yeomanship by the abbey. He knows Dureve Hundred very well, more often going out on hunting trips to provide for the Abbey’s tables, but often partakes of the local patrols.

He saved Sir Sylgen Lyrsis‘s life from a bandit attack in 718TR. As the injured knight toppled off his horse, he pulled Sir Sylgen under an upturned cart and stood guard over the unconscious man as bandits continued their attack. The surviving knights and soldiers managed to rally and win the day, but without Sir Aprylael’s assistance, Sir Sylgen would have died. In return for his good deed, Sir Sylvgen gave Sir Aprylael the Unwilling Arrow and saw him knighted in the order. Sir Aprylael used the arrow to save Matakea Seenae’s life during a gargun attack.

Sir Aprylael is, for the most part, quite laid back. He sees himself in service for the rest of his life. Having been granted a knighthood he sometimes talks about marriage, but it’s never serious as he is a poor hedge knight. Like many of his stripe, he expects to die in the next great war doing something noble.


Image taken from Medieval vest by Khalaiiss on Deviant Art
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Sir Aprylael

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