Sir Bressen

Laranian knight


A tall (5’8") young man with dark black hair and deep brown eyes, he gets clumsy when he gets nervous. Considered brave and somewhat impetuous, he is a true believer in all things Laranian (honor, courtly love, and feudalism).


First met by the party on the 3rd of Azura, 722TR – he was part of Dame Palycia of Meldamar‘s party in their attempt to stop rampaging Gargun from destroying Illikur village. An otherwise unassuming knight, he tried to rescue what he thought was a damsel in distress defending herself with a dagger! Instead, she took control of the horse and told him to “hold on to his Lance” and proceeded to try and skewer gargun. To say he was impressed was an understatement. That night, over beers, he got Sir Kjarri andSir Tirn’s approval of his courtship; which, at the time, seemed the thing to do if he was interested in their servant. Oh how little he knew.

Relations with Nina are … ongoing. They are known to have spent at least one night alone together playing … penuckle? He thinks the sun and the moon rise and set by her hand. She is the living embodiment of loyalty, honour and bravery on the battlefield. He is determined nothing shall harm her and equally determined she can do quite well without him.

He wants to marry her and has already cleared it with his knight-commander. He is of low birth, so has no expectations upon him for marriage. His family would like (eventually) to meet the girl.


Image Quentyn Martell by Henning taken from Deviant Art.
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Sir Bressen

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