Sir Conlon Chahryn

Son of Sir Temilin Chahrvn


A sandy haired lad, standing 5’8" tall with a medium frame and average complexion, Sir Conlon wears his curly hair short.


Born in 695, he is Sir Temilin‘s heir, and the eldest grandson of the current Earl. His mother, Lady Alicia Meldon committed suicide after the death of his infant sister in 698TR. He grew up in the care of a series of goodwives and nannies until Sir Temilin met Lady Myrrhe, to whom Sir Conlon took to immediately. He treats his father’s second wife as a close and dear aunt, a post she appreciates.

Sir Conlon has his mother’s fiery temperament, something he has battled all his life. He strives hard to be the warrior that his father and his grandfather expect, but he has a sharp mind that understands the finer points of politics early. The Earl considers him “too young” and “too untested” but his father knows better. Sir Conlon is quick to take the opinions of the ladies of the castle into his consideration, knowing they are likely to think deeper than their husbands on critical matters. The Earl believes the lad is pandering to the ladies, a useless behavior after one is married. Still, Sir Conlon has been accepted into the Earl’s council since he turned 12.

Sir Conlon is married to Lady Eryn, and the couple have one infant son, Toreris, the Earl’s first great-grandchild. The family is prepared for the day when Sir Conlon will be Earl, but secretly, Sir Conlon hopes he can pass the “honor” directly on to the younger generation.


Text and image from Selvos Castle.
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Sir Conlon Chahryn

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