Sir Reynald Milaka

Earl of Sarkum, Father to the King


An older man who still enjoys the joys of life. He has a shock of black hair (slowly going grey & falling out) and brown eyes. His face is typically crinkled into a friendly grin. He is of medium frame and build.


Ranald Milaka acceded to the throne of the petty kingdom of Gemala at the age of 20. He proved a capable ruler despite his tender years, but also a powerful sense of self-importance. In 688, he was exiled from his kingdom when it was conquered by Rethem during Ezar’s War. Rather than become depressed at the loss, he rapidly turned his attention to tother means of holding power, always with the aim of eventually regaining his kingdom. A year after his deposition, he swore fealty to King Andasin III of Kanday, and married his younger daughter, Princess Mirelael. In recognition for his support during the war, when Gemala was finally recaptured, he was made into an Earl, and given control of estates that far exceeded those he had formerly held. In 708, he increased his power still further by petitioning his son to become sheriff of Erynashire, a post that also gives him a good reason to stay close to the center of power in Dyrisa.

The Earl’s hair may now be mostly gone, but he remains remarkably fit for his age, and he has lost none of his inner strength and intelligence. He does not lust for power for its own sake, but because he genuinely believes that he is the most capable person among the Kandian nobility, and the person who knows best what is good for the country. He is always ready to give anyone the benefit of his opinion, and will never accept anyone as his superior. Fortunately, he is an able and reasonably moral man and far from being the ruthless intriguer that some might expect.

Sir Reynald Milaka

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