Sir Tristant Lazcaver of Vima

Knight and Bailiff of Vima


A handsome and active young man with curly brown hair and brown eyes.
He is the bailiff of Vima and son to Sir Juld Lazcaver (Manor lord of Terna).


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Sir Tristan is the first son of Sir Juld and Lady Rilea Lazcaver; he is married to the beautiful Lady Rosanna. He has a younger brother, Meriet. He was given the manor Vima as a wedding present. Lady Rosanna prefers to live in the family townhouse in Selvos, and Sir Tristan happily obliges; visiting whenever he is able.

Sir Tristan is a confident, brash young man with good fighting skills. He does all that is required to be called a “good” knight. Most appreciate that he at least tries to maintain the forms of propriety.

At the Selvos tourny in 721TR he was accused of killing a wine merchant (Master Thomas) and courting the man’s neice (Emma of Bristol). Sir Tirn of Selvos, the accuser, beat Sir Temelin in single combat – but decided it was not worth killing him. The fight was public, and Sir Tirn left Sir Temelin unconscious and bleeding in the dust before the assembled masses.

Sir Tristant Lazcaver of Vima

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