Sir Tirn of Selvos

Knight of the Order of the Checkered Shield


A blond-haired blue eyed mountain of a man.


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Lorissa was born in Selvos, and as she grew it became clear that any that knew her that she loved music, and the music loved her. So, when the time came to choose her vocation, Lorissa’s family did not dispute her apprentiship to a thespian. Lorissa’s carreer began well and only improved with time. Now, Lorissa was beauitful and had many suitors, but she was careful. One day, she found a suiter she liked. And she allowed him to begin to court her. In time, she became with child and when prsented with the news, her suitor denied their liason completely. Upset, she returned to her family; had the child, and left it to be raised by her brother’s family. Where, her son, Tirn, was raised and she returned to her vocation.

Lorissa travels from town to town with a small group of thespians.

  • One day Lorissa met a man and began a passionate affairs
  • In time Lorissa became pregnant
  • When Lorissa told her name that she was pregnant he spurned her (and the child).
  • Lorissa returned to her family and bore the child. After a year Lorissa return to the life of a Thespian
  • Though Lorissa loves her son she has refused to tell anyone who the father was and has not had another serious relationship since.
  • Lorissa visits her family at least twice a year to see her son Tirn.
  • Tirn was raised by his uncle and aunt as though he was one of there children.
  • Tirn grew into an unusually tall and strong boy.
  • Tirn knows how lucky he is and has worked hard to contribute to his family, when at home and at the Shipwright yard where his uncle works.
  • Tirn worked as (night) guard in the Selvos shipwright yard. Beacause of this he has become good at unarmed and using a club.
  • One night when Tirn was guarding the yard, he caught a thief trying to steal a boat. When they fought the thief cast spell “Ordeal of Friga” on Tirn and then cursed him verbally “You BASTARD!”. Instead of incapacitating Tirn it drove him into a rage so great Tirn nearly beat the thief to death. The thief was saved when the renegade hunter who was chasing him arrived and wall able calm Tirn down. The hunter removed the thief but soon returned to help Tirn recover. The hunter was impressed with Tirn and eventually became his friend.
  • The next year Tirn was invited to serve the Laranian church.

720 – Sir Kjarri became a knight of Larani and took the family name of Setara after Saint Setara of Setha Heath, whose bones he helped move to the Selvos Reliquary.
722 – At winter court Sir Kjarri of Setara became part of the Prince’s Voice, a group of representatives bearing the Prince’s seal (a ring bearing the Milaka crest’s colors. He also accepted a squire into his service.
723 – At summer court Sir Kjarri of Setara is instrumental in stopping a coup against King Anasin IV. In return he is granted a house in Selvos as well as a warhorse or two palfreys of his own (his choice).

Sir Tirn of Selvos

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