721 Winter Court report

Winter Court was held in Menekod Castle from the 29th through the 30th of Navek in 721. The moot was overseen by Crown Prince Anaflas, Chabla Syman of Tolfane, Pelena Kadris of Talanoth, and Rekela Tamya Bakyth.

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In the days of discussions, the following items were mentioned.

Accusation of knightly misconduct

Sir Poryn accuses Sir Temilin of killing Sir Temilin’s first wife (Lady Alicia) so he could marry Lady Myrrhe . He brings with him affidavits from Lady Alicia’s maid and groom; both of which have since died. He also has a series of letters from his sister (Lady Alicia) describing the poor conditions under which she was forced to live. After some discussion, this item was delayed to allow the Prince’s agents time to gather independent information which would be presented to the summer court.

Attack on Dinayn

The tiny outpost of Dinayn was attacked late at night and would have been destroyed utterly were it not for the arrival of Sir Temilin’s party from Selvos across the Dunir Moor. The captured raiders admitted to being members of the Silver Swords. They believed they had a legal contract to sack Dinayn, signed with the Kings own seal. The Prince recognizes the mark as his own—but denies signing any such order. The Chabla, Sir Syman of Tolfane, accuses the Silver Swords of Treason and asks for permission to see the mercenaries made illegal in Kanday. he Swords were granted time to pay their fine and only the local membership involved in the attack on Dinayn were charged with treason. Their writ of action was not revoked, so they can still ply their trade in Kanday. They claim to have been duped and have the forged paperwork to prove it. This was passed on to the King’s court for final decision.

Open cases of knight possession

Rekela Tamys Bakyth has reports of two open cases – knights possessed by evil and performing acts of vandalism and banditry on the roads of Kanday. One was able to be saved, the other died in the attempt. The Rekela seeks permission to give the survivor the means to atone (a quest) and permission to invoke public prayers in the hopes of retrieving the soul of the one that died. Both are granted. The details of the quest will be determined later by the survivor through prayer and penance.

A knight dishonoured

Sir Juld and Lady Rilea Lazcaver have come to beg the right for their son to quest to regain his knighthood. Having been defeated in a duel of honour, they wish to see his sins expunged. Tristan is present and ready to be judged. After much discussion, it is agreed that their son is permitted to seek penance in the holy city; he may get there as his funds allow. His mother intends to accompany him on his journey.

Formal petitions

The following petitions were filed with the moot court:

  • To allow the Banner of Honour to open additional chapters. (Denied)
  • To assist the Selvos region in resupply for the seeding of first crops in the Dunir and Selvos region. (Passed)
  • To accept the petition from Rethem to support the rebellion against Chaffin III and submit the proposal to the Summer Court. (Passed without support)
  • To find quest to see what the great disturbance was some 2 months ago. (Passed – given to the party quietly)
  • To accept an alliance with Tharda in trade and politics. (Deferred/Changed to seeing how best to hire all possible mercenaries).
  • To have Sir Jekes removed from his position in northern Kanday for crimes against his serfs. (New inquisitor called to look into it as Lady Nigynli is leaving the post).
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721 Winter Court report

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