Aleta Hundred

Aleta hundred is along the Eryn River, north of the Gulf of Ederwyn. The hundred also contains the chartered freetown of Aleath. The hundred moot is in Dovyn, The office of Bailiff of Aleta Hundred is currently vacant. Important legal matters are handled directly by the sheriff, who is eager to appoint a B/H.

The Laranian diocese of Aleathia is believed to be the earliest Laranian organization in western Harn; its origins can be traced to missionaries among the Aleta tribes in the third century.

Aleta hundred is considered the cradle of Kandian civilization. The country’s earliest history stems from the Eryn River valleys and the Aleta tribesmen who founded the Kingdom of Aleathia. The rich history of the area is emblazoned upon statues and monuments commemorating great battles, horrible defeats and the resilience of hte people. The first Laranian prayer stone (a small plinth in the rough shape of a broadsword) is located just outside of the city of Aleath.

Manor Holding from Holder Acres Land HH Notes
Maryael Ibarti Ibarti Maryael Hyn Aelori 2130 1.02 35 Save K’norian abbey and famous centre of learning
Radeth Ibarti Ibarti Maryael Hyn Aelori 1830 1.01 33
Witney Ibarti Ibarti Maryael Hyn Aelori 1630 0.99 29
Welur Abbey Tesade (p) Rekela Welur Rekela Aleathia 3160 1.01 49 Laranian abbey renowned for its orchards
Dundy Tesade (p) Serolan Welur Rekela Aleathia 2040 1.00 28
Oza Tesade (p) Reeve Welur Rekela Aleathia 300 1.02 8
Kostim OCS Reblena Welur Rekela Aleathia 2930 1.02 46
Nadar Tesade (p) Serolan Welur Rekela Aleathia 2530 1.01 40
Amaceda Zankala Fief Cuton Earl of Sarkum 1930 0.98 35
Cemior Urden Fief Cuton Earl Sarkum 2130 0.98 39
Esalon Cylander Fief Cuton Earl Sarkum 2180 1.00 37
Gelerand Jolard Fief Cuton Earl Sarkum 1850 1.01 34
Hesuryn Orlot Fief Cuton Earl Sarkum 2310 0.99 42
Rabint Tyresta Fief Cuton Earl Sarkum 1900 1.00 34
Talgo Tyresta Reeve Cuton Earl Sarkum 150 0.99 3
Robister Quivandy Fief Cuton Earl Sarkum 1960 1.00 34
Dovyn (bh) Milaka © Bailiff Kedis Earl of Sarkum 2210 1.01 35
Waldu Milaka © Bailiff Kedis Sheriff Eryna 1680 1.00 25
Lorikyn Lorikyn Fief Kedis Sheriff Eryna 2080 0.99 33
Rolarn Lorikyn Reeve Kedis Sheriff Eryna 270 0.98 7
Skune Rivaller Fief Kedis Sheriff Eryna 1970 0.99 33
Guber Rivaller Bailiff Kedis Sheriff Eryna 1590 0.98 23
Ashendu Rivaller Bailiff Kedis Sheriff Eryna 1730 0.98 26
Bilor Alconar Fief Sumon Earl of Heroth 1730 0.98 26

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Aleta Hundred

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