Bandages of Saint Amberthane

Category: Potion
Description: A series of grey bandages, worn with age, that are always slightly damp.

The bandages of Saint Amberthane stretch out to almost a foot in length and are 8" wide at their widest point. The edges are frayed, and one edge is lined with many rows of fine stitching in pure white thread. The bandages are typically transported in a small wooden box. The current box has a simple brass latch, and is well worn with age. The weathered oak is still strong and is so well made that no joint or seam can be found in the wood. The bandages themselves smell of honeysuckle and are always just slightly damp to the touch.

Game mechanics: Stops all infections/poisions. Wounds wrapped in these bandages are cured at a rate of 1IL/day.

Biography There are about a dozen bandages of Saint Amberthane known to the churches of Larani and Peoni. These are holy relics, often gifted to wandering knights who pay fealty to the church in some way that results in the knight becoming landless and forced to travel. The gift is a magnificent one, for any church with a bandage of Saint Amberthane has a strip of cloth that was bathed in the blood of Larani after combat.

The legend tells of many skirmishes between the forces of Larani and Agrik. In the traditional tale, Larani and Agrik face off in single combat, and Larani removes two of Agrik’s claws from his left hand. The claws and Agrik’s blood feature prominently in that religion’s lore. Contrary to the primary tale, Larani did not leave the battle unscathed. Whether her wounds were caused by Agrik, his overwhelming forces, or some other cause is unclear, but when she returned to her forces, she was bleeding. Saint Amberthane tore strips from his robes to bind her wounds.

These strips of cloth became the bandages of Saint Amberthane.

A lesser version of the bandages can be made by soaking strips of blessed cloth in Kargele for one month. Typically these bandages are made from alter cloths too old to repair. Most Peonians working with groups of Laranian knights will have a box of these lesser bandages.

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Bandages of Saint Amberthane

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