Centiloquium of the ancients

A classical book combining astrology and astronomy, in its original form, it is a scroll with 100 statements, first written down in 23TR. The original statements are attributed to the great astrologer and early sage of the Church of Save K’nor, Eliar of Ironoth.

All the statements associate the stars in the sky, with the known pantheon of the new gods, and the associated astrology. The work is considered the pinnacle of truth, and a perfect starting point for students.

Over time, each statement has become the source for further tracts and treaties. Some versions of the centiloquium are fully illustrated, either artistically or as a means to provide further information. Perhaps surprisingly, the text is not considered divine and is often taught to sages and scholars as a beginner text.


There are dozens of variations in a multitude of languages, but the following copies are the most common on the island of Harn. Unfortunately the originating text, from which the Centiloquium is just a poor copy, is lost the ravages of time.

The Centiloquium scrolls

The original scrolls have long since turned to dust. Fortunately there are many copies of the original work with a surprisingly small amount of variation over the centuries. The work is available in multiple languages, as most junior monks in the Rydequelyn make at least one copy of it as they struggle to commit the entire work to memory.

Author Varies
Year Varies
Medium Vellum
Pages 1 foot
Language/Script Various
Street value 10d
Copies Very common

Location: Copies exist in most Rydequelyn temples, and the homes of any budding astrologer.

The Centiloquium illustrated

The illustrated Centiloquium is a classical work of art. Variations of this version tend to be more and more artistic, the most famous of which is a 200 page volume of full color illustrations covering each page, with a single statement on every other page.

This variation is usually created by the Rydequelyn upon request of their more wealthy patrons, or as a favor from other Shek-P’var orders. There is no similarity between two copies of this variation, as each is organised by a single artist. The works take twice as long as other variations. Single artist works take longer and can cost as much as 200% more, depending on the reputation of the artist.

Author Various
Year Varies
Medium Parchment
Pages 200+
Language/Script Various
Street value 250d
Copies Very rare

Location: A copy is available in the Rydequelyn’s library and on the shelves of wealthy art lovers and budding astrologists of great wealth. In the early 600s, this version of the work was a popular gift from a group of students to their mavari.

The Centiloquium decorated

The decorated version of the Centiloquium is often farmed out to local artists. A Rydequelyn master works with the artist but it is the local artist who determines what should be drawn and how the work should be decorated. The master is an advisor who provides a 100+ page book with the various statements written at the artist-specified locations.

This form of the work tends to be a patron request of a local artist. It is considered a way to give money to both the local artist and the holy order.

Author Various
Year Varies
Medium Parchment
Pages 100+
Language/Script Various
Street value 350d
Copies Unique

Location: Found only in a very welthy patron’s library.

Secondary tracts to the Centiloquium

The secondary works relating to the Centiloquium are a popular study aide in learning the deeper meaning behind the original 100 statements.

Author Workol Gennin Asparin Eliar of Ironoth
Year 502TR 560TR 610TR 400TR?
Medium Vellum Parchment Parchment Vellum
Pages 50 30 40 20
Language/Script Harnic/Lakise Harnic/Runic Harnic/Lakise Harnic/Runic
Street value 475d 350d 200d 1000d
Copies Unique Uncommon Uncommon Rare

Location: The Workol copy can be found in Workol’s lost laboratory in the moor. Copies of Gennin’s and Asparin’s works can be found in a few of the major guilds of Arcane Lore throughout Harn and Lythia. Copies of Elia of Ironoth’s works are highly valued and kept secret. Many believe a few Rydequelyn orders may have copies, but if so—no one is telling.


Skill The Centiloquium scrolls The Centiloquium illustrated The Centiloquium decorated Secondary tracts to the Centiloquium
Astrology 45/5 55/5 65/5 75/5
Ritual, Save-Knor 30/2 40/2 50/2 60/2
Shek-P’var 65/5 -/- -/- 75/5

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Centiloquium of the ancients

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