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Map reference: [E8]
Realm: Kanday Status: Baron Elecher
Population: 385 Leige: Earl of Sarkum

A keep in Torenshire, first built in 364 by King Alash of Aleathia. Following the collapse of the Theocracy Of Tekhos in 588, the keep was seized by Korlim Elcher, who established a small, independent state that eventually joined with the growing Kingdom of Kanday. The fourth baron was Korlim’s granddaughter, Arelora, who married Ashenan and became the first queen of Kanday after his death. After her death, the barony reverted to her second cousin. In 693, Queen Eriel made the Baron of Cuton a vassal of the Earl of Sarkum. The present baron is Rykan Elcher. Rykan is 26 and a close friend of Prince Anaflas, the king’s younger brother.


This was taken from the H├órnDex, © 1983, 1990, N. Robin Crossby and Columbia Games Inc.

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