Holy Icon of Mendez

Category: Jewellery, Religious
Description: A pendant of a lion rampant made of clay

This simple pendant lacks detail, but its form is that of a lion rampant. Once intricately carved, it has suffered the ravages of time greatly, and has lost all but the hint of its once careful engraving. Made of simple fired clay, the coating is cracked and flaking off in places. Rounded on the front to give depth to the small figure, it is flat on the back. It has neither adornment nor makers mark.

Game mechanic: Undiscovered.

Biography: Found in the tomb of Setara of Setha Heath in Gebasath. It was first identified by Matakea Seenae. The icon was restrung on a new cord and carefully placed in the new casket with the saints bones. The saints bones (and presumably this pendant) now rest at the Laranian temple in Selvos.

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Holy Icon of Mendez

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