Map reference: [F7]
Realm: Kanday Holder: Constable
Population: 465 Liege: Andasin IV

Built in 497 as a Corani Empire fortress, Ibonost was the first major settlement taken by Andasin I on his rise to the throne of Kanday when he seized it from its Tekhosian governor in 589. During the Five-Year War, the Battle of the Teb Marshes was fought in 663 near Ibonost, ending in Kandian defeat and the loss of the keep to the Thardic League. The Treaty of Quivum in 666 returned Ibonost to Kanday. The keep is of considerable sentiment to clan Kand and, despite its proximity to the Thardic Republic, remains a favorite summer residence of Andasin IV. The constable is Sir Burdas Kandry, a distant relative of the king. He holds three nearby manors in his own right. Knights of the Checkered Shield, who hold a nearby manor, serve as a personal guard for the king in residence.

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