In the valley of the night

open.pngThis series of woodcuts, titled In the valley of the night depicts the stars of the north-western hemisphere. Specific wood cuts are provided to show some 73 points of light in prominence; each depicting their position in the zodiac as well as a brief on any legends or known prophecies that are said to relate to each point of light. Many of the lesser points of light were recorded and drawn from Tessien directly, using Workol’s legendary star gazer. The points of light, while not necessarily properly scaled, are sufficiently detailed for most study. The work was penned in the late 500s and is believed to be a combination of three early works (Libri Mysteriorum, Anima Astrologiae, and Centiloquium of the ancients) with additional woodcuts and descriptions to align what should be disparate charts and astrological animals in the sky.

The woodcuts are particularly interesting because many of the new additions provide details about the movements of several lesser stars through the heavens based on season. The associated texts are scant, often just a description of the associated woodcut with a few notes regarding the comparison of the current against the earlier works. Indeed, the earlier works contain extensive descriptions and additional philosophy regarding the movement within the heavens. This work lacks the majestic music attributed to the heavens by the Libri Mysterorum, and only barely details the process through which one must question oneself before questioning the greater whole (as described in Anima Astrologiae). One thing In the valley of the night does provide is corrections to the long out-of-date Centiloquium of the ancients; specifically disagreeing with the placement and movement of the traveller’s stars in the heavens. Identification of the stars used most by travellers has long been debated between scholars and merchants, with members of each having their preferences. This book attempts to settle all arguments, identifying two stars and clearly marking their overhead passage through the seasons.


There are two known variations of this work. If other variations of this work exists, they are not credited.

Nights of the Light

A smaller book with only a dozen or so stars featured, this palmiset is designed for travellers. It highlights the travelling stars and provides charts as to where to find the stars throughout the season based on one’s proximity to known points of landscape in North-western Lythia. In circulation since the late 500’s, it is a popular book among pilots and mercantylers. A few teamsters are also said to carry copies. This book is also referred to as the Traveller’s Guide To The Stars.

Author Unknown
Year c. ~590TR
Medium Parchment/Leather
Pages ~20
Language/Script Harnic/Lakise
Street value 10d
Copies 100+

Location: Commonly found in libraries of the mercantyler’s guild and in larger public markets more than the private scholarly libraries of the Shek-P’var.

In the valley of the night (original)

This lost work is the primary edition of Workol’s work at Tesien. Many believe it to be unfinished. There are only three known copies. One is known to reside in the libraries of Berema, one is suspected to be in the mysterious Tesien, and the third was to be a gift to the crown of Rethem. This copy was never delivered and is believed to be lost to time.

Author Workol
Year c. ~500TR
Medium Parchment/Leather
Pages ~250
Language/Script Harnic/Lakise
Street value 100d
Copies 3

Location: The two known copies are in Tesien (although that one has been recently looted), and Berema. The location of the third copy, it being possibly a variational work, is lost.


Skill Nights of the Light In the Valley of the Night
Numerology 40/1 40/2
Astrology 55/1 55/3
Astronomy 55/1 55/2

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In the valley of the night

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