Martial Arts

Martial arts

A martial art is an ordered set of combat oriented skills. The following rules are provided to augment the existing rules for unarmed strikes. See the [article on Lythia for details|].

The basics

  • Unarmed Combat must be ML60 (SI6) before a Martial Art can be opened.
  • The skill cannot be opened without a period of training equal to the difficulty rating in months.
  • The skill must surpass Unarmed Combat in ML before it can replace unarmed combat and specialization can begin.
  • At each ML multiple of 5 (starting at 65 and above), a new specialized maneuver can be learned.
  • The specializations must be learned in the order they are listed, although PCs can pick the categories in any order (Kick, Strike, etc).

Known styles

Style (Difficulty) Form Attributes AML Bonus DML Bonus Damage Principal Attack Notes
Laranor (3) Hard STR STR DEX (Mas/Lad/Ula +2) SB2 +20 - 1d8 Hand (Strikes) Laranian Marshal Art
Silat (4) Hard/Soft STR DEX AGL (Mas/Lad/Ula +2) SB1 +15 +5 1d6 Vital Area (Hand and Foot) Save-K’norian Marshal Art


The “Empty Hand” is a martial art style featuring kicks, dodging, strikes, and throws designed to provide the attacker a defense should they lose their sword and/or shield in combat. While attackers often train in armor, defenders do not. Typically the defensive movements are trained first as it is best to understand how to stay alive if you are unarmed and unarmored.

The style is considered fairly straightforward and simple, yet it is known to be derived from a tradition of wrestling from Areshomes. Legends claim that priests that came from Lythia brought the art with them and it has grown and changed as the Iranians continue to practice the art. Many priests have lost the art, and a few fighting orders in Kanday have taken it up.

Comparison of the style with the wrestling tradition it came from is difficult, as styles continue to grow and change over time. The throws used by Laranor are similar enough to the ancient form of Wrestling practiced in Areshomes, but the strikes and kicks are not. The moves are less graceful, but Laranor is designed to be practiced in full-armor, while its parent style is typically practied unarmoured. The parent art has no throws, but their mental and pysical training are identical.

Laranor has become particularly popular with the Order of the Checkered Shield in Kanday as their current Chabla is an adherent. The priestly order of Hyvrik is less interested, but thanks to a recent political decision, the priestly order has begun to take up the ancient tradition.

Technique (Hard):
Kick 3, 4
Movement 2, 3
Strike 1, 2
Throw 1, 2 , 3
Mental and Physical Training 1, 5


The “Silent Secret” art is designed to provide those without the right to bear arms a quiet way to not only defend themselves but their secrets as well. Typically practiced only by the Hynd-Alori, they have been known to teach the art to those they deem need it most. The style is fast and hard, with a lot of specialized movements to keep the attacker moving and therefore safer when confronting one or more armed opponents. The Hynd-Alori practitioners typically practice and teach the art to two adherents together. While none of the maneuvers are twinned or paired, it is assumed adherents will work together against a common foe.

The Hynd-Alori have several books explaining the art and some of the most popular books have hundreds of illustrations, showing many of the specialized maneuvers. These books are studied carefully and most copies develop marginalia over time, explaining issues or potential solutions. But despite this detailed documentation, the history of the martial art is uncertain. Most believe it was developed in Berema and was heavily modified as the political orders within the religion split and spread.

Technique (Soft/Hard):
Kick 1, 2, 3, 5
Lock 1, 2,
Movement 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7
Push 1,
Strike 2, 3
Throw 2, 3
Vital Area 1, 2, 3
Mental and Physical Training 1, 2, 3, 4

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Martial Arts

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