The Swamp Walker


The Miuruca is a rare amphibian, commonly known as the Swamp Walker. The tough rubbery hide is coarse and pebbled, light to dark green in color. The Miuruca stands about five feet on its hind legs. The webbed feet and hands possess sharp non-retractable claws. The hands have three digits with crude opposable thumbs, and the palms are finely scaled for gripping. Though slightly awkward on land the Miuruca is agile in the water. Large eyes atop the head allow the creature to swim on the surface almost totally submerged. Out of water the Miuruca has a distinct pungent odor that can be detected well over a hundred feet. The creature can remain submerged for up to an hour. The mouth has two rows of sharp, backward pointing teeth. The Miuruca has poisonous saliva, introduced into the blood stream of prey by biting. This causes paralysis in smaller creatures, but only numbness to larger quarry.

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