Map reference: [D7]
Realm: Kanday Holder: Sir Shorian Narquen
Population: 97 Liege: King of Kanday
Held by: Sir Grolis Chahryn Acres: 2020
LQ 0.88 Households 31
Shire: Perishire Hundred: Durive Hundred

Backing onto the moor, Ryvila has to deal with bandits, raiders and wolves more frequently than other manors. Consequently, the manor has eight yeomen and seven farmer households. Most of the remaining families are cottars that tend sheep for the lord. Despite his large acreage, Sir Shorian supports additional sheep by allowing his shepherds to graze the herds on the moor. The forester has warned him that the land belongs to the King, but has ignored him. No one truly believes that anything will come of the warning.

In his mid-fifties, Sir Shorian was granted the manor in return for his service in the war. He had thought to retire in peace and raise a family, but that was not to be. In a match organized by his mother, he is married to Lady Rilea Lazcaver a noblewoman from Dunzael Hundred. A shrewish social climber, Lady Rilea wanted him to run for bailiff, but he refused. They have never had children, something he views as a sign from Larani, and his cousin, Sir Cen, stands to inherit.

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