Map reference: D9 Realm: Kanday
Holder: Earl of Sarkum Population: 260
Liege: Andasin IV, King of Kanday

The principal seat of Ranald Milaka, Earl of Sarkum. The original fortification was built by Gemalan tribes, who were independent allies of Aleathia before swearing fealty to King Calin in 384. The castle was built by Xuaka in 435. The traditional nobility survived the Theocracy and founded the Kingdom of Gemala in 596. Rethem invaded in 688, after which the deposed Gemalan king, Ranald Milaka, swore fealty as Earl of Sarkum to Andasin III of Kanday. He was rewarded with marriage to the king’s younger daughter, Mirelael, in 689. The earl did not regain his seat until 692, when Sarkum surrendered to the Kandians.

In 694, Ranald’s wife unexpectedly succeeded her assassinated sister, Queen Eriel. As the queen’s consort, Ranald played an active role in rebuilding Kanday after Ezar’s War until Mirelael died in 707. Ranald’s eldest son then became Andasin IV at age 17, a weak king strongly influenced by his father.

Earl Milaka also holds Hebon Keep and receives fealty from the barons of Cuton and Gimon. He also holds Kedis as the Sheriff of Eryna. Ranald’s other son, Prince Anaflas, the king’s younger brother and the Sheriff of Imiden, will inherit the earldom and perhaps the throne unless Andasin IV marries and provides another heir. Ranald, 58, is in excellent health and very active in the politics of Kanday. All of this has caused some jealousy among other Kandian lords, notably the Earl of Heroth.

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