open.pngMap reference: [E8]

Realm: Kanday Holder: Baron Terhune
Population: 324 From: Earl of Heroth

This keep in Urienshire was built in 512 by the Corani Empire. Following the collapse of the Theocracy, Sepire was the center of the Kingdom of Homarty. In 688, Hamlyn Terhune was one of the first petty kings to swear fealty to Andasin III after the fall of Sarkum and Hebon to Rethem. He was granted the title of baron and made a vassal of the Earl of Heroth, an act that Hamlyn felt was slightly insulting. His son Kemas, 36, is the present baron. Hamlyn regards Andasin IV as something of a fool and dislikes the Earl of Sarkum.

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