Summary of years

The following section details the past actions (in broad strokes) of the various courts and conclusions formed by the party over time.

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The following are the big events that happened in 721:

  • River pirates set fire to the metal flotila, severely increaing the costs of metal in both Tharda and Rethem.
  • Tharda begin moving their capital from Hediro to Cestor.
  • An ancient Khuzdan outpost is found just north of Selvos. (Kanday)
  • The ancient city of Tessien is rediscovered (Kanday)
  • Dinayn attacked by the Mercenary order of the Silver Sword. Duplicity in this illegal act is assumed.(Kanday)
  • Ruins on the small islands near Agrik‚Äôs Cauldron are reported to the Summer Court. (Kanday)
  • The Harbourmaster in Aleath is replaced. (Kanday)

In general, here’ a summary of each country’s events.

  • Tharda: Torn in three directions: unrest in Kom province (legionnaires are threatening to revolt and hatred for their new Triberties is extreme), River piracy is a growing problem. When a senatorial barge is attacked and nearly sunk (Senator Nordaka’s life is fortunately spared), the legion is sent to deal with the problem. The pirates, ever more brazen, set alight a set of ore-bearing barges, sinking them all. The third problem is Marshal-Magistrate Kronos. Not satisfied with having taken over Eidel Province from Kanday, he now looks west – towards Themeson (currently in Rethemi lands).
  • Rethem: The Agrikan orders settled in Themeson seek peace. The Earl of Tormau and the Earl of Ithiko are actively at each other’s throats. The Agrikan Orders to the north are locked in a genocidal battle with the local tribes (and the Agrikans are losing). Chafin III is building up his army by conscription (because, surprisingly, he’s having problems finding mercenaries to hire).
  • Kanday:
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Summary of years

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