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Gargu-khanu Princess

Like most gargun princesses, Gana was raised to guard the hive queen’s nest until she was killed or was herself made a queen. No female could ask for any other fate. But Gana was not like other females.

Gana showed a ferocity and cruelty that was rare even for her own kind. From an early age, she was a match for any male. The Queen’s Guard eagerly followed her lead out of respect and base fear.

When, in a fit of lust and envy, the hive king tried to rape Gana, she effortlessly killed him, then slew his stunned guards with his fallen mankar. The other princesses joined in the bloodletting until every male was dead or fled. Gana slew the queen out of spite, then castrated the king and declared she would submit to no male and would rule her own hive. Gana led the female survivors into the wild to make a nest of her own.

Gana and her band of female warriors now cut a bloody swathe across Hârn, seeking to conquer a hive worthy of her abilities. A small tribe of Gargu-araki serves as scouts and hunters for her band. She recently decimated a newly established hive of Gargu-hyeka and pressed the survivors into service making weapons for her growing army. Gana’s troop is open to female foulspawn of all subspecies; black orcs fight side by side with brown and striped orcs. All fear her and obey her without question. Males of any species are either tortured and impaled or castrated and enslaved. Human females are put to death.

Gana wears a suit of mail scavenged from a fallen knight. Her deftness and agility enable her to wield both mace and axe, and she moves with the preternatural grace of a cat. Her treasured possessions are the boiled skull of her erstwhile king and a belt of dried testicles and members from living victims she personally castrated.


Die Scum! The PCs are set upon by some of Gana’s band. Woe to any male captured by Gana, who relishes raping men and dining on their manhood, cut and roasted before their eyes!

The Enemy of My Enemy. The PCs encounter two groups of gargun engaged in battle. Gana’s foes break and run away, right into the path of the PCs. PCs who engage Gana’s warriors will find themselves joined by her foes in desperate combat against Gana!

Comes the Detroyer. A lone Gargu-araki approaches the PCs to parley. He tells them that his king wishes to alert the humans that Gana’s tribe is approaching the region. Would they be interested in an alliance…?

HarnMaster Character Profile

Name: GanaRace/Sex: Gargu-Khanu/Female
Occupation: WarriorBorn: 16 Nolas 707 (Ahnu)

Appearance: Age 12, height 4’4”, heavy frame (size 4), weight 135 lb, pallid appearance, black hair, gray eyes


Medical/Psyche: Ambidextrous, Bisexual

Physical Skills: CLIMBING 16/96, CONDITION 16/112, JUMPING 14/128, STEALTH 17/85, THROWING 13/91

Communication Skills: AWARENESS 13/91, INTRIGUE 14/56, ORATORY 9/65, RHETORIC (Intimidation) 13/113, SINGING 11/45

Languages: Gargu-khanu 13/71, Gargu-hyeka 13/33

Scripts: None

Religion: RITUAL: None PIETY: None

Combat Skills: INITIATIVE 17/117, UNARMED 16/116, DODGE 15/115, Mace 15/115, Dagger 15/115, Axe 16/116

Craft Skills: Ceramics 15/49, Folklore 12/39, Foraging 15/69, Hidework 16/47, Survival 15/91, Tracking 13/24

Money/Valuables: Heavy silver nose ring (150d), bronze earring (2d).

Armour/Weapons: Plain cloth tunic; leather leggings, armlets, and belt; mail byrnie; plate ailette. Mace, handaxe, and dagger.

Other Equipment: Necklace of teeth, skull, dried testicles and penises.

Load: 40 lbs. Encumbrance: 3

Missle WpnsAmlShort (0)Med (-20)Long (-40)Ext (-80)
LocationArmour LayersAQBEPF
ShoulderMail, Plate, Natural+01221126
Upper ArmNatural4313
ForearmLeather, Natural+0433
ThoraxMail, Natural+061164
AbdomenMail, Natural+061164
HipMail, Natural+061164
GroinMail, Natural+061164
ThighLeather, Natural4313
KneeLeather, Natural+06746
CalfLeather, Natural+06746
FootLeather, Natural+06746

Invocations: None

Convocations: None

Spells: None

Psionics: None


Testing FFF character layout

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