Books in Workol's library


Workol’s library was badly damaged, but a few books have survived. Penned and collected in the library at Feniryn. The typical topics are astronomy, prophecy, and the secrets of the Sable Eye. All these books are mundane, but considered sacred to the Save-K’norians. They have little to no illumination, but are over-sized and printed on a moderate-quality vellum with wooden covers.


  • In the valley of the night. A series of woodcuts depicting the stars of the north-western hemisphere. Each prominent star is named and categorized. The book was considered as much an aid for prophesying as it was a guide to the heavens.
  • Patterns and paths in the sky. A series of rough hand drawings depicting how the planets circle Nolomar and the seasons associated with their sightings. The book was used by acolytes to learn the position of the planets.
  • By the light of Tyrn Nadix. A tract detailing the position of the polar star over a 20 year period from 500 to 520 TR. The tract is a massive table of dates, times and locations in degrees over Feniryn.
  • On the heavenly spheres, A treatise on traditional astrology;the hard nucleus of the art. It explains the astrological system through its philosophical principles, without having to resort to concepts external to astrology. This book has collected the fundamentals of astrology that have been handed down by authors such as Alynn Saet, Staumn Ynem, Wynas Rilgofa, and E√§wynn Ohl, to name only a few.
  • Albumasar (c.87 – 186): The Book of Flowers. Depicts pictures in the stars and alternate astrological systems. Translated from the Panhamonic with several possible variations provided.
  • Pseudo-Ptolemy (author unknown, date prior to 128TR): The Centiloquy. The theory that the universe is divide by three pole stars, only one of which is visible from Harn. Translated from Azeryani.
  • Hermes Trismegistus (author unknown, date prior to 262): The Centiloquy. A second paper on the same topic. Translated from Mafash.
  • Bethen (probably written by Staumn Ynem, 148): The Centiloquy. A third paper on the same topic. Translated from Mafash.
  • Almansor (1 century, Meokolis, Azeryan) The Propositions. A summary of the brightest stars (planets included).

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Books in Workol's library

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